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'Shaping Change' is a collaboration between visual artist Rebeccah Power and William Wilding. Together they create a visual and literary work of art and design that explores the intertwined and tragic stories of three migrants who were convicted in Melbourne at the turn of the 20th Century.

Beginning in July 2016 and displaying for 6 months, the project comprises a large scale, 9 x 12m mural in Peel St. Collingwood, a 6 minute video piece online and an augmented reality app connecting the two. The mural will overlook Pocket Park, where people come to enjoy the sunlight and air, often on their lunch break. The work invites interaction through the app, which enables people to hold their phones / tablets up to the mural and see the video piece online. People will thereafter reflect on the meaning of the piece, considering especially the evolving place of women in society across time. They can moreover create and record their own content using the app. Content they can then view and share with friends online.

Drawing on the archives of the Victorian Police Museum, 'Shaping Change' partners with Swinburne University's Centre for Design Innovation to show how people disrupt the moulds that societies cast them in. It explores the effects of mass migration and global recession while challenging the concept of 'the good woman’. Examining Melbourne's history, the work combines powerful imagery and poetic text to serve the City of Yarra’s resolutions to end violence against women and support diversity amongst cultures.